Plains Bison Reintroduction – Banff National Park

Mar 17, 2017 |
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Plains Bison have officially returned to Banff National Park

Parks Canada is pleased to announce that on February 1, 2017 bison were successfully translocated to the Panther Valley, in Banff National Park. The historic return of bison coincides with the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation, after being absent from the wild for over a century, their homecoming is a historic and cultural triumph.

Although free-roaming bison have been absent from the landscape for over a century, they were historically dominant grazers that helped shape the ecosystems of what is now Banff National Park. The restoration of bison to Banff will return a keystone species to the landscape, foster cultural reconnection, inspire discovery, and provide stewardship and learning opportunities. In the long-term, by re-establishing a new wild population within its historical range in Banff National Park, this will be a key contribution to national and international bison conservation efforts.

Read the complete article from Parks Canada.

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