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Charles Kenyon and family (1884) West Hartlepool, Durham, UK

My name is Robert (Bob), Andrew Kenyon. I live in the Canadian province of Alberta. I have relatives, in the province of Ontario where I was born, as were my parents. All of my Grandparents were born in the north of England, Northern Ireland and Glasgow, Scotland.

Visit my WikiTree Genealogy Page.

You can also find my genealogical information, from 2013, on the RootsWeb World Connect Project.

I’m also participating in Family Tree DNA projects. If your surname is Kenyon and you either live in England, or had ancestors, who lived there; you should take the Family Finder Test.


Map of the Ethnic Origins of my DNA

Here’s my direct Kenyon line from England:

  • 1805 in Shaw, Lancashire, England
  • 1837 in Shaw, Lancashire, England
  • 1860 in Staleybridge, Cheshire, England
  • 1882 in West Hartlepool, Durham, UK
  • 1918 in Mount Denis, ON. Canada
  • 1951 in Toronto, ON (currently Camrose, AB)

Here is a list of persons that I’m searching for information, ancestors and descendants of. I’ve include a link to their public WikiTree page, on my tree.

*Husband and wife (Married 31 Oct 1831 in St Mary’s Church, Oldham, Lancashire, England)
** Children of above, had a brother called Robert (see next)

*Husband and wife
** Children of above, had a brother called Charles Kenyon
B. 2 Dec 1860 in Staleybridge, Cheshire, England and sister Mary Elizabeth Kenyon B. 9 Sep 1862 in West Hartlepool, Durham, England. Two siblings died in infancy.

Other surnames, that I search for, before, during and after the above the time spans (above), in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland are:

Here are some “Kenyon” facts and links:

  • The Kenyons of Kenyon, a Lancashire township, were lords of Kenyon in the 13th and 14th centuries (B.) The name now has its home in the Blackburn district. (source: 250 HOMES OF FAMILY NAMES).
  • From Kenyon, a township in the parish of Winwick, County Lancaster, the surname Kenyon was derived as early as the middle of the thirteenth century. Since that time the family has flourished in Lancaster, one of its most notable and historic branches being the Kenyons of Peel, to whom many authorities trace the ancestry of the founder of the American family, John Kenyon, who it is claimed was a lineal descendant of Jordan de Lanton, lord of Kenyon, in the reign of Henry III., of England.” (

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