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Promote Your Albums and CD’s With Purchase Links

  • Are you a solo performer, or part of a group or band?
  • Do you need to get better promotion?
  • Do you organize musical events?
  • Do you own a music venue?
  • Do you need a publicist?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you should contact Ya’Gotta Marketing And Event Promotion!

We build websites, blogs, work with social media and also market on print, radio and television.

We help performers and bands get gigs. If they are new, in the industry, we’ll help them to become known and introduce them to venues and events. We’ll also provide promotion that really works!

Here are the bands and performers Ya’Gotta is currently promoting:

For venues (clubs, bars, etc.) and events (festivals, fund raising, reunions, parties, weddings, etc.); we can find the the right performers. We’ll also provide excellent and wide promotion!

With years of experience writing, working on the Internet and with the media…Ya’Gotta let us get you noticed! For information, about our services, contact Ya’Gotta Marketing and Event Promotion.

Go to our Ya’Gotta Main Blog and check out local and regional events that we promote. We can also be found, on Facebook, Twitter @yagottabob, Reverbnation as well as other well known social media.

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