Churchill – Polar Bears and Beluga Whales in a Prairie Province!

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polar bear
Polar Bear, Churchill Manitoba
Photo: Travel Manitoba

When most tourists think of Canada’s ocean front locations, they think mainly of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and associate polar bears, with the arctic. Well if you want to see both the ocean and polar bears, the best place is at Churchill, in the northeast of Manitoba, one of Canada’s “Prairie” provinces!

The Town of Churchill is located on Hudson Bay 1700 kilometers (1056 miles) north of the capital of Manitoba, Winnipeg and the best polar bear viewing takes place in October and November while thousands of polar bears begin to congregate along the Hudson Bay coastline, near Churchill. Parks Canada has a designated protected area, known as Wapusk National Park.

One of the major adventure attraction, in the Churchill area is Polar Bears watching. Visitors can visit the western shores of Hudson Bay on specialized Tundra Buggies. There you’ll be truly in the domain of the Polar bear.

Every July and August, visitors also snorkel and kayak with thousands of beluga whales in the Seal and Churchill Rivers. As well Churchill is well known as an excellent location for bird watching and those dazzling Aurora Borealis (better known as the “Northern Lights”.

northern lights

What keeps the Manitoba coast of “the bay” cold is a weather formation known as the Hudson’s Bay Vortex, which during winter months, is attracted by the vast sea water service of the bay.

The Hudson’s Bay area is also a history lover’s dream come true, with two fur trade era major attractions at Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site and York Factory National Historic Site. To collect beaver pelts for the aboriginal people; York boats would travel up the Churchill River, across Lake Manitoba and via the Saskatchewan River system, as far as the Rocky Mountains, west of the the David Thompson Pass.

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