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Bob By McLeod River

The Publisher of YaGotta.ca, The Ya’Gotta Network and related blogs; Bob Kenyon, is an information researcher, writer, and marketer in the central Alberta. Growing up in Alberta in the 1950’s and 60’s, Bob has had a long term relationship with the outdoors. This was done through Scouting and family camping. Bob’s father, the late Stewart S. Kenyon, built a very early tent-trailer (circa 1955) using the front axle of a 1948 Plymouth, welded pipe for a frame, plywood body, and threaded pipe, as the frame for the tent. It’s believed that he saw the orginal design in a “Popular Mechanics” magazine.

The family used the unit to travel all over Alberta, including early trips on the “Coal Branch” roads between Hinton and the Crowsnest Pass, via Nordegg and Canmore. Trips into all the mountain parks were frequent and the unit saw many weekends at Gull Lake. The unit went out of the province many times to British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. It was in the United States, going as far south as California.

In his early adult years Bob spent 19 years as a leader and trainer with Scouts Canada, working mainly with the 8-10 year old Cub Scouts. He has also been involved as an employee with youth organizations and has provided training and presentations to similar. He believes that, no matter what endeavors that you choose to partake in, a good relationship with the outdoors and the environment is mandatory.

Bob spent many a kilometer hiking and backpacking the mountains. Bob is also very familiar with the local trails systems in and around Alberta. 

The Western Canadian Online Outdoors News began as a hobby site, then the Alberta Online Outdoors News. Based on the success of the Alberta Online Outdoors News, (12,000 hits in one year) and seeing a need for a site that provides similar information for all of the western provinces and territories, he designed the Western Canadian Online Outdoors News which has been re-branded as Ya’Gotta and given a new domain of YaGotta.ca. As the slogan says, “Adventure Tourism Information About Places Ya’Gotta Go To!

With the advertising and promotional capabilities of Ya’Gotta becoming a reality, Bob combined his skills related to the outdoors, and hands-on skills in marketing, sales, public relations and planning, with knowledge of the travel industry into Ya’Gotta Marketing and Event Promotion.

If you’re interested in “Kenyon” genealogy, originating in the earl 19th century in England…visit my genealogy page.

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