Ya’Gotta Marketing and Event Promotion

Ya'Gotta Marketing and Event Promotion

“Because Ya’Gotta Get it Done Right”

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What kind of marketing does your business, organization or event do? Is it:

Flat Marketing: with a logo, catchy slogan, business cards and other stationary, website, social media (Facebook/Google+ page, Twitter, etc.). Basically doing the same thing as everyone else.

Fat Marketing: same above, except you belong to every organization that you can, go to every business event, advertise everywhere, etc. This is called the bucket of mud technique, of marketing. You have a bucket of mud and you throw handfuls, at a wall, trying to hit the right spot.

Ya’Gotta believes in Right Marketing, that fits your business, organization or event and positions you with right customers using the right services and the right design for your logos, websites, etc.

At Ya’Gotta with our:

  • Business Experience: Bob Kenyon has worked for businesses, trained new entrepreneurs, written business plans and worked with services for businesses, with the Better Business Bureau. As well he has helped organize many events and business networking activities.
  • Education and Training: with a University background in Sociology and English, as well as training in public relations, Bob understands people and groups and with his strong writing skills, will help you get your message out!

Ya’Gotta Marketing and Event Promotion will use our multi-talented skills to provide:

  1. Media Releases and Public Service Announcements
  2. Posting on related, regional Ya’Gotta Network Blogs, with RSS Feeds into the Internet
  3. Posts added to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest)
  4. Promotional material for events (invitations, posters, tickets, websites, etc.)
  5. Event posting on related media, business and community calendars
  6. In-person, phone and online networking with other related organizations and people (i.e. arts, business, media, travel, etc.)
  7. Spokesperson and available for event interviews
  8. PayPal setup for tickets & donations
  9. Access to caterers, bartenders, DJ services, live music, photo booths, dunk tanks, sound equipment and party equipment
  10. Follow-up questionnaire, to survey event attendees and statistical analysis the data
  11. For performing acts and bands, we can look after everything you see on this page, as well we can get bookings. We also have access to photographers and commercial artists (for CD covers, posters, promotion kits, etc.), as well as recording studios and sound engineers.

The promotion we do always comes with our “specialty touch”, that makes your event easily found in all local media (print, radio, television, Internet) and we have excellent contacts in these areas!

We can build full websites, blogs and will setup and manage your social media.

Don’t have an Internet presence, or want to get more? Join the Ya’Gotta Network. and we’ll build you a Ya’Gotta Network Page. You’ll also get with posting permission on our respective regional blog.

Some examples of our marketing promotional work includes the following businesses, events, non-profit programs, etc. 

Current Projects:

  1. Ya’Gotta Performance Marketing and Management
  2. Piper Hayes Touring her Second EP – Provided: Ya’Gotta Network blog posts (Calgary, Edmonton, Canadian Rocky Mountains, West Coast) social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  3. The Festival of Big Ideas – Alberta Council of Technologies event. Provided: Media Release, Ya’Gotta Network blog posts (Calgary, Central Alberta, Edmonton) social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  4. Central Alberta Rock & Roots Gigs – Facebook group for announcing gigs in central Alberta.
  5. Bob Kochan (Roots musician) – Ya’Gotta Network page and Facebook
  6. Celtic Fusion Illusion – Marketed the group to Alberta Festivals and venues.
  7. Divided by J (Country, rock band) – Ya’Gotta Network page and marketing to venues.
  8. Third Degree – (Classic Rock Band) (#ThirdDegreeAB) Setup Ya’Gotta Central Alberta Network pageblogFacebook page and promoted the band on blogs, the media and social media
  9. Songbook Sunday (Bailey Theatre, Camrose, AB) – Setup Ya’Gotta Central Alberta Network page and provides blog, Facebook, Google+ and Ello posts. Also promote in major central Alberta and Edmonton music and arts media.
  10. Master Cleaner – Edmonton Ya’Gotta Network page for Ft. Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park dry cleaner.
  11. Alice Hotel Jam – Central Alberta Ya’Gotta Network page for Saturday night event, Camrose, AB.
  12. Alberta International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Past Projects: (Many still active!)

  1. Camrose Street Performers Festival – Conceived the idea of the event and networked with city officials to establish the event. Recruited performers, set up the Blog, Facebook page and event, Google+ event and Twitter. Promoted the event on the above social media, local and province wide media, blogs and added to many community and tourism event calendars.
  2. 5th Annual Da Bangar at Da Hangar – Little Warriors Fund Raiser. Provided: Ya’Gotta Network blog posts (Central Alberta, Edmonton) social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  3. Creating the New Alberta – Vision & Leadership (Conference) – Ya’Gotta Network blog posts and social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  4. Banking on CleanTech Conference – Drayton Valley, AB. Alberta Council of Technologies event. Provided: Ya’Gotta Network blog posts and social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  5. Camrose Scene to be Social Meetup Group – Organizer of Events that are on the Internet, in the Meetup site
  6. Grounding Trauma – Conference media release
  7. The K.I.S.S. Method for Marketing Plans workshop (Calgary) – Promoting this workshop through blog posts, social media, etc.
  8. “Jessica Seeker and the Ghost Walkers” – Marketing of Metis author Nancy Ellen Brook’s first Book.
  9. Camrose Street Performers Festival Fund Raiser – Organizing and promoting a fund raising event, for the 2016 Festival.
  10. Camrose – Alberta Culture Days – Part of the 2015 planning committee. Built the blog and promoted the events. The weekend’s events were selected by Alberta Culture and Tourism, as a 2015 Celebration site
  11. Better Business Bureau of Central and Northern Alberta – Employed for nine years, looking after the benefits of the Accredited Business’ benefits and making their BBB Report searchable on the Internet, preparing media releases and updating the website to a CMS. Increased website traffic, to more than 200,000 page reads per month!
  12. GensCorp IT – Setup Alberta web pages, prepared online media release and promoted by email, telephone and social media
  13. G&O Diamond Drilling Contractors Ltd – Facebook page and organizing e-marketing.
  14. Jasper Place High School 50th Anniversary – Setup web page on Ya’Gotta domain, blog, Facebook Group, promoted through media and through social media event postings (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn event. (Lots of information still searchable as “Jasper Place High School 50th Anniversary“)
  15. Little Warriors Poker Run Fundraiser – Ya’Gotta Edmonton Network page
  16. Sunday Soul Service at Newcastle Pub and Grill. – Ya’Gotta Edmonton Network page
  17. Ya’Gotta: Western Canada – Folk Music Festivals
  18. Ya’Gotta: Western Canada Powwow Schedule
  19. Ya’Gotta: Western Canadian Roots Music Page
  20. Uptown Folk Club (Edmonton) – Founder and former member.
  21. Waskahegan Trail Association – Past member, organized and promoted hikes and the club events through Yagotta.ca
  22. Organized and worked on many fund raising events (i.e. popcorn sales), during 15 years as an adult Scouter

For information about how Ya’Gotta Event Marketing and Promotion services, will work for you; please contact us, as below with the subject line “Event Promotion”.

Privacy Disclaimer/Legals

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