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By Bob Kenyon

Western Canada provides some of the best opportunities for outdoors activities related to backpacking, hiking, orienteering and just plain old walking.

In summer, trekking is the best ways to take in scenery, explore nature, meet people and take-in the wonderful towns at your destination.

If you’re properly trained, prepared, planned, equipped and dressed hiking and backpacking are an excellent way to explore the back country.

Here are some basic tips for enjoying your trekking:

  • Always let someone know where your going and when you plan to return.
  • Have proper gear, including layered clothing.
  • Plan for rain! (i.e. tent, rain gear, waterproof footwear)
  • Have required permits (i.e. National Parks of Canada)
  • Always be aware of bear warning and changing weather conditions!
  • Practice safe food storage and bear avoidance!
  • Carry or know how to find clean safe water on your route!
  • Know how to purify water, in the back country.
  • Let people know where you are going and when you plan to return!
  • Have good map of your route, know how to read and use a compass!
  • Carry first aid and emergency supplies and know how to use them!
  • Carry enough food, for each person in a party and enough for an extra day, for emergency.
  • Carry a good knife and now how to safely use it.
  • If you’re not experienced, travel with a guide, or qualified person!

Some of the best western Canadian adventure tourism destinations for hiking and backpacking are in the Rocky Mountains.

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