Western Canada Downhill & Cross-Country Skiing

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Fortress Mountain Skiing

Skiing Fortress Mountain
Source: Travel Alberta

Author: Bob Kenyon

During winter in western Canada, travelers will find some of the world’s best downhill skiing in the world in our mountains at:

Most Accessible from * Calgary ** Edmonton


For cross country skiers, the mountains, foothills, boreal forests and prairies have many great trails. There also ski clubs, that organize regular activities.

If you’re properly trained, prepared, planned, equipped and dressed, skiing is an excellent way to explore the back country in winter. Here are some tips for enjoying your skiing experiencing:

  • Always be aware of avalanche and changing weather conditions!
  • Carry or know how to find clean safe water!
  • Let people know where you are going and when you plan to return!
  • Have good map and compass skills!
  • Use care, or even avoid, crossing frozen bodies of water and glaciers!
  • Carry first aide and emergency supplies!
  • If you’re not experienced, travel with a guide, or qualified person!

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